Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tucker No. 1007 on Loan to the Portland Art Museum

Tucker No. 1007
Tucker No. 1007--normally on display at the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, WA--is on loan to the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR through September 11th.  The museum is hosting The Allure of the Automobile, a special exhibition that attendees at last year's TACA convention in Atlanta, GA saw at the High Museum.

Tucker No. 1034
Tucker No. 1007 is "filling in" for Tucker No. 1034 from the Cofer Collection of Tucker, GA, which appeared in the "original cast" of this exhibition in 2010.  If you're in the Portland, OR area this summer, be sure to go see this beautiful exhibition!

(Post credit: Kit Fox; photo credits: TACA website)

Thanks and So Long Until Next Year!

We hope that all attendees at TACA Convention 2011, California Dreamin', had a wonderful time (and we hope that those of you following us through this blog had a few vicarious thrills, too).  After breakfast this morning, we'll be heading our separate ways, but we'll have great memories to savor and share.  Thanks for those memories (do I hear a song?) go to convention host Martyn Donaldson and to all the TACA Officers and Directors who assisted in convention planning.  We'd also like to acknowledge:
  • Everyone who contributed items to the TACA Education Fund auction;
  • All of the Tucker owners who attended, including J.R. Roberts (No. 1003), Keith and Eileen Carpenter (No. 1017), Eric Breslow (No. 1031), Tony Decinque (No. 1045) and John Schuler (No. 1052);
  • The beautiful and generous venues who hosted us, including the Reagan Presidential Library, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Nethercutt Museum & Collection, the Breslow Collection; and the Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags; and,
  • The members of the Tucker family, who shared their stories with us.
Keep watching this blog for news of the upcoming 2011 Midwest Tucker Mini-Meet in the fall, and for TACA Convention 2012 next year.  We wish you all safe travels home!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tucker Family Shares Memories at TACA Banquet

This year, we were especially honored to have many members of the extended Tucker family in attendance at our annual TACA banquet.  They shared stories and home movies of Preston and Vera Tucker and their children, and spoke of the family legacy that Preston left behind.  We were also excited to see original drawings prepared under Preston's direction for the vehicles that he had planned to build in Brazil, including the Carioca.

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

TACA Congratulates New Board Members

The Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc., is pleased to announce that Dr. Larry Clark and Michael Leasor were elected to 3-year terms on the Board of Directors in the recently-concluded election.  Election results were formally announced at the annual TACA banquet this evening.  Larry and Michael will each serve until 2014.  We thank all of the candidates and everyone who cast a ballot for participating in this year's election.

(Post credit: TACA Officers and Board of Directors)

Tucker Day 2011

Tucker Day 2011 was a resounding success!  After viewing our first Tucker of the convention (No. 1030) at the Petersen Automotive Museum yesterday, we saw three (and a half) more Tucker '48s today!

First up was Tucker No. 1040, which we saw at the Nethercutt Museum in nearby Sylmar, CA.  Museum staff "dropped the ropes" so we could get a rare, up-close view of No. 1040.  We understand that the Nethercutt is planning a complete restoration of the car in the near future.  After an hour or so on our own at the museum, we went across the street for a guided tour of the spectacular Nethercutt Collection.  In addition to more beautiful cars displayed in the ornate Grand Salon, the collection also includes an amazing display of "functional art," including music boxes, antique furniture and an immense Wurlitzer pipe organ.  Even more amazing, the Nethercutt--owned by the heirs to the Merle Norman cosmetics empire--is open free to the public!

Tucker Day 2011 then continued to the Breslow Collection in Northridge, CA.  There we saw two complete Tucker '48s: No. 1003 and No. 1031.  We also had John Schuler's "work-in-progress" Tucker No. 1052 on display.  After a tasty BBQ lunch provided by Eric Breslow, he and J.R. Roberts (owner of No. 1003) treated us to a rare--and perhaps historic--"drag race" between No. 1003 and No. 1031 in the parking lot.  In addition, several members of the Tucker family were in attendance and took rides in both cars, as did many TACA members.  It was definitely an afternoon that none of us who were there will soon forget.

(PS - Check the TACA Facebook page for video of today's Tuckers in motion)

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

Friday, June 24, 2011

TACA Education Fund Auction Highlights

The highlights of this year's fundraising auction for the TACA Education Fund included a chance to ride in and drive Tucker No. 1031 and a Tucker deck lid emblem.  Over $800 was raised this evening, thanks to the generous donations of Deb Hull, Eric Breslow, Ed Way, Walter Ready, Michael Schutta and Archie Archambault.

We also understand that some excellent deals were negotiated at the Show, Sale & Swap before the auction.  We hope that all buyers, sellers and bidders walked away pleased this evening.  See you tomorrow morning for "Tucker Day 2011"!

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

Hooray for Hollywood!

After a hearty (and free) breakfast at the hotel this morning, we headed out for a day of sightseeing for the first full day of TACA Convention 2011.  Our first stop was the Reagan Presidential Library in nearby Simi Valley, CA,  The self-guided tour included several vintage vehicles from the presidential fleet, including a Boeing 707 that served at Air Force One during the Reagan administration (1981-1989).  Attendees were served a box lunch, which we enjoyed on our motorcoach en route to our next stop, the Petersen Automotive Museum.

The Petersen is located in the "Miracle Mile" district of Los Angeles, CA, occupying a renovated former department store and surrounded by several other museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Petersen staff had graciously moved Tucker No. 1030 to a more prominent (and photogenic) location for our visit.  Tucker No. 1030 was one of the first acquisitions of the museum after its founding in 1994.  We also toured the museum's latest featured exhibits: "Scooters: Size Doesn't Always Matter" and "Supercars: When Too Much is Almost Enough."

We then bade "good bye" to the Petersen and boarded our motorcoach for a whirlwind tour of the sights of nearby Hollywood, CA.  Highlights included the HOLLYWOOD sign, Graumann's Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex, home of the annual Academy Awards ceremony and American Idol broadcasts.  Returning to the hotel late this afternoon, we had a couple of hours for a nap, a dip in the pool and a quick meal before this evening's festivities.

(PS - See the TACA Facebook page for more convention photos)

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to Valencia, CA

Tucker fans have begun to arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags for California Dreamin'.  The weather is sunny and a balmy 92° (but with much lower humidity than last year in Atlanta!).  It promises to be a beautiful, Southern California weekend for exploring the Los Angeles area, re-connecting with old friends and generally "talking Tucker."

After checking in (and checking out who else is here), attendees will be on their own for dinner tonight.  However, we'll be on the road early tomorrow for a Hollywood sightseeing tour, with stops scheduled along the way at the Petersen Automotive Museum (home of Tucker No. 1030) and the Reagan Presidential LibraryGet a good night's sleep!

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Join Us for TACA Convention 2011 This Week!

Even if you can't make it to Los Angeles later this week for California Dreamin', you can follow the exciting goings-on on our blog and Facebook page.  Check in with your faithful blogger beginning this Thursday, June 23rd!

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Happy Father's Day!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tucker Road Trip Epilogue

Thanks for joining us on our 10-month virtual tour of Tuckers on public display.  We hope that this series inspires you to visit and support the museums and other venues that display Tuckers.  If you're not already a member of the Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc., why not join us by clicking here?  Also, if you have any comments, suggestions, updates or corrections to report about this series, please contact us at  Thanks!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tucker No. 1016 Temporarily Removed from Display

Tucker No. 1016
We understand from a recent post on the TACA website message board that Tucker No. 1016 has been temporarily removed from display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.  It is expected to return some time in 2012, according to museum staff.  We'll keep you posted about the fate of No. 1016 in the future.

(Post credit: TACA message board; photo credit: TACA website)

TACA Salutes Flag Day

Long May It Wave!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Weeks Until TACA Convention 2011!

Tucker '48 enthusiasts will be convening 2 weeks from today in Valencia, CA for California Dreamin'.  We hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tucker Road Trip, Day 20

Tucker No. 1050
The final stop on the Tucker Road Trip is deep in the heart of Texas--San Marcos, TX, to be exact.  Tucker No. 1050 is on display there at Dick's Classic Garage, which is presented by the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History.

Dick Burdick is the namesake of Dick's Classic Garage.  He is the founder, past Chairman of the Board and past Chief Executive Officer of Thermon Industries, Inc.  He is also deeply involved in Boy Scouts of America and local civic organizations in Central Texas.

Dick's Classic Garage is located at 120 Stagecoach Trl., San Marcos, TX 78666, just off I-35 between Austin and San Antonio.  The museum is closed on Tuesdays.  Visit Dick's Classic Garage website for more information.


(Post credit: Kit Fox; photo credits: TACA website)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Miss Your Chance to Get Behind the Wheel!

Tucker No. 1031 ("Vera")
The highlight of this year's TACA Education Fund auction at the annual TACA convention is expected to be a chance to ride in and drive Tucker No. 1031 ("Vera").  Owner Eric Breslow has agreed to let the highest bidder (and a companion) come over to the Breslow Collection on a pre-arranged weekend day to be driven in No. 1031. Then, as if that wasn't exciting enough, you'll have the chance to pilot "Vera" around the complex surrounding the facility yourself!

(Post credit: Eric Breslow and Kit Fox; photo credit: Eric Breslow)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Auction Items Wanted

Every year during the convention, TACA holds an auction to raise money for its Education Fund.  This year's auction is scheduled for the evening of Friday, June 24th at our host hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags.  If you would like to make a donation of an auction item, please contact convention host Martyn Donaldson. Items can be anything Tucker- or auto-related, such as collectibles, vintage magazines, parts, historical documents or accessories. There's also a show-and-swap sale that same night (contact Martyn to arrange for table space).

(Post credit: Eric Breslow and Kit Fox)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exercise Your Right to Vote

The latest issue of Tucker Topics included a ballot for two, 3-year seats on the TACA Board of Directors.  Four TACA members have expressed interest in serving on the Board, including (listed in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Eric Breslow
  • Larry Clark
  • Michael Leasor
  • Michael Schutta

TACA members: please be sure to review your ballot for the candidates' biographical information; vote for no more than 2 candidates; and return your ballots to TACA by mail.  Valid ballots must be received by TACA no later than June 21, 2011.  Election results will be announced at the TACA convention and on this blog.

(Post credit: Kit Fox; image credit: Microsoft clip art)

This Month in Tucker History

1947 - The month of June 1947 saw work completed on the Tucker prototype-the "Tin Goose"-and its unveiling to the world at the Chicago plant. The dream of owning the "First Completely New Car in Fifty Years" was enthusiastically embraced throughout the nation.

1948 - June of 1948 is seen as a busy time in Tucker history. While the first production design transmissions based on the Cord model are delivered in June of 1948, things seem to be taking a turn for the worse. James D. Coolidge, council for the Tucker Corporation, receives a summons to appear at the Chicago offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission and is informed that the "company is under investigation." Three days later, well-known radio personality Drew Pearson leaks SEC details of the investigation on his radio program. Tucker becomes the buzz at office water-coolers throughout the nation as the details of this "secret and confidential" SEC report led to wild gossip, conjecture and hearsay.

By June 14th, the SEC subpoenas all Tucker corporate operating papers from as early as 1946 and effectively makes it impossible for work to continue. Preston Tucker lays off nearly 2,200 factory workers and keeps only a skeleton crew on. That crew begins work on the less expensive 335 engine, while Preston publishes an open letter to the auto industry that appears in several national papers.

1949 - June of 1949 doesn't fair much better for Tucker Corporation as Collier's magazine publishes an article attacking Tucker.

1974 - While it can certainly be argued that the SEC and others helped put Tucker Corporation out of business, it needs to be noted that dealerships closed as well. It wasn't until June of 1974, some 25 years later, that former Tucker dealers received settlement checks through the United States District Court for the investments they made in 1947.

(Post credit: Jay Follis)