Monday, January 10, 2011

A Visit to Martyn Donaldson's Shop

Before going to see Tucker No. 1031 the other day, I stopped by TACA historian Martyn Donaldson's shop in Sun Valley, CA.  Martyn is definitely keeping himself busy with Tuckers these days.

Tucker No. 1003
First off, I saw Tucker No. 1003, which Martyn is restoring for its owners, John Boccardo and J.R. RobertsNo. 1003 has been painted a rather unusual shade of maroon--not the usual ox-blood color I've come to expect, but I quite liked it.  No. 1003 is awaiting the re-installation of its interior and a few other finishing touches.

Front clip from Tucker No. 1018
Next was TACA member John Shuler's Tucker No. 1052.  Attendees at last year's TACA convention in Atlanta, GA will recall seeing John fire up his engine for No. 1052 during our visit to The Cofer Collection.  Over the recent New Year's holiday, John and TACA president Jay Follis drove out to Los Angeles with a whole load of parts for No. 1052.  They include the front clip from wrecked Tucker No. 1018.

Tucker movie repli-car
Finally, I got to see TACA's own Tucker--the maroon fiberglass movie repli-car donated to TACA by Sharon Tucker.  It'll be a great promotional opportunity for TACA to have this car restored!

For more photos of my visit to Martyn's shop, see my Facebook page.

(Post and photo credits: Kit Fox)

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