Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gavel Drops at $797,500 on Tucker No. 1010!

Tucker No. 1010
Tucker No. 1010--the recent "barn find" Tucker '48 from rural Washington state--was sold by Gooding & Company today at its auction in Scottsdale, AZ for $797,500 (including buyer fees).  This was well below the record prices garnered at auction for Tucker No. 1038 in 2008 ($1,017,500) and Tucker No. 1045 in 2010 ($1,127,500), but comparable to the auction price paid for Tucker No. 1041 in 2009 ($853,100).  It seems (to this blogger, at least) to be a fair price given the condition of No. 1010 and the amount of work that would be needed to restore it.  Click here to see more information about and photos of No. 1010 from the Gooding & Company auction catalogue.

UPDATE 1/22/11 8:49 PM: Here's the video clip of the auction.  Click on the box below to start the video...and beware of adult language at about 3:10.

(Post credit: Kit Fox and Gooding & Company website; photo credit: Gooding & Company website)

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