Monday, October 25, 2010

Tucker Topics, Volume 38, No. 9

This month's issue of our award-winning print newsletter, Tucker Topics, includes a fascinating article about Ricardo Iraheta and the creation of Tucker No. 1051-1/2 by Natalie Kochmar of The eXperimental Garage; a tribute to the late George Boucher (TACA No. 41), who passed away in August 2010; and updates on TACA's recent forays into social networking.  Check your mailbox for future issues of Tucker Topics for details about the 2011 TACA Convention in Los Angeles, CA!


  1. I'm sure you all know by now that Tucker #1010 has been found and is up at auction ...

  2. Thank you--we knew it had sold recently, but not that it was to be auctioned. We always knew where it was! ;-)