Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black & White & Tucker All Over

Tucker No. 1030 at the
Petersen Automotive Museum
Your faithful blogger took a well-deserved "stay-cation" this past weekend, and checked out a couple of the local Tuckers in Southern California.  First up was Tucker No. 1030 at the Petersen Automotive Museum.  This black beauty has some interesting lettering, chrome trim and other doo-dads that I'd never seen on other Tuckers.  No. 1030 was purportedly Preston Tucker's personal car--which may explain a lot!  I wish that the lighting in the Petersen gallery was just a little brighter--a black car like this just kind of disappears and is tough to photograph!

Tucker No. 1040 at the
Nethercutt Museum
Next was Tucker No. 1040 at the Nethercutt Museum, which appears to be in good, un-restored condition.  I'm not sure that white is the most attractive color I've every seen on a Tucker.  The "Tucker" stencil--usually seen on the center of the rear bumper--was on the left front bumper of No. 1040--I couldn't get around the back to see if it was on the rear bumper as well (I hate those ropes!).  The "moon" wheel covers and red steel rims were also an interesting touch.

Keep watching our "Tucker Road Trip" posts in the future for more information about visiting these--and other--museums where Tuckers can be seen on public display.

(Post & photo credits: Kit Fox)

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