Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MISSING: Tucker No. 1018

Tucker No. 1018
Tucker No. 1018 was sold to Buffalo (NY) Motor Sales in July 1948. During the fall of 1948, the car was driven around and displayed widely in New York and Pennsylvania by George McKinney, who owned the Buffalo distributorship and a dealership in Titusville, PA.

Unfortunately, some time in late 1948 or early 1949, Tucker No. 1018 struck a tree near South Wales, NY and was a total loss (luckily, there were no injuries). However, many parts of the car were salvaged and later sold to other collectors, including the front clip that TACA Director John Schuler is using to assemble his Tucker No. 1052.

(Post credit: Jay Follis and Kit Fox; photo credit: TACA website)


  1. Actually that is not totally correct. The accident took place on the corner of Olean Rd. & Blakely Rd outside East Aurora NY. in late August of 1948. McKinney was on his way to his home in Bradford PA., about 55 miles from East Aurora NY. McKinney had the car less than a month. After the accident it was towed to his home in Bradford. The tree still has the scar from the accident. I photographed it last summer while in East Aurora. I also spent time in Bradford and was able to document the ownership of almost all the parts after McKinney sold them. Dave Cammack has the motor and transmission from this car.

  2. Unless you guys know something I don't know, 1018 is running and in my garage.

    1. If it is, youmust be some kind of uncommon miracle worker because the front of the frame is in one place, the back half is in another place, the engine is now in Hershey with the Dave Cammack Collection and the entire front clip from this car was with the Kughn collection for a long time with test chassis #52 and got turned into a whole car. We know one thing for sure. Whatever you call the car you have, it isn't #1018.