Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Tucker Abroad: No. 1045

Tucker No. 1045
Tucker No. 1045 has emigrated only recently from the shores of its American homeland to its new home "down under" near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Until 2009, No. 1045's most-recent owner was John M. O'Quinn of Houston, TX, and it was the crown jewel of his private museum, O'Quinn's Classy Classic Cars.  Mr. O'Quinn was reportedly a very flamboyant trial attorney who represented plaintiffs in Texas lawsuits against tobacco companies and other high-profile cases.  Tragically, Mr. O'Quinn perished in an automobile accident in October 2009.  Previously, No. 1045 had been owned by Nick Jenin and a succession of other owners.

After Mr. O'Quinn's passing, No. 1045 eventually came into the possession of RM Auctions, which offered it at the annual Monterey, CA auction in August 2010.  The car earned a record auction price of $1,127,500 (including fees).  The lucky winner promptly shipped No. 1045 (now affectionately know as "Tuckeroo") to his home near Melbourne.  Shortly after arriving, however, Tuckeroo made a huge splash in its inaugural appearance at the Motoclassica car show in October 2010.  It has subsequently been featured in a video hosted and produced by TACA member Brendan Edgerton and has appeared at other car shows around Australia.

(Post credit: Kit Fox, TACA message board, Brendan Edgerton; photo credit: TACA website)

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