Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tucker Abroad: No. 1004

Tucker No. 1004
We begin our new feature series, Tuckers Abroad, with the story of Tucker No. 1004.  Readers of this blog may recall that Tucker Road Trip, Day 3 featured a visit to No. 1004 at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan.  This is the only expatriate Tucker '48 that is currently on public display.

Tucker No. 1004 is among the cars that was featured in 1988's Tucker: The Man and His Dream.  We believe that, after leaving the ownership of Ray Burton and passing through the hands of Happy Auto Access of Las Vegas, NV, it ended up at the Toyota Museum.  For some reason, No. 1004 has not previously appeared on any list of vehicles in the museum's possession, but does now show up on that list and visitors have reported that the car is there. We're also happy to report that No. 1004 was apparently not damaged during this year's catastrophic Japanese earthquake.

(Sources:.TACA message board and Toyota Automobile Museum website)

(Post credit: Kit Fox; photo credit: TACA website)

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  1. I rode in this car many times when my grandfather, Ray Burton, owned it. It's good to see it's well cared for, but sad to know that I'll probably not see it in person again.