Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tucker Road Trip, Day 17

The Tucker Road Trip heads down I-5 and returns to Southern California to visit The Nethercutt Collection, home of Tucker No. 1040The Nethercutt Collection is located in the Los Angeles suburb of Sylmar, CA--famous also for being the epicenter of a powerful earthquake in 1971.

Tucker No. 1040
The Nethercutt Collection was begun by J.B. Nerthcutt, the nephew of Merle Norman Cosmetics founder Merle Nethercutt Norman.  J.B. and his wife, Dorothy, began collecting classic cars in 1956 and opened their museum in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains the same year as the famous Sylmar earthquake.  Since J.B. and Dorothy's passing in 2004, Jack Nethercutt and his wife, Helen, now proudly carry on the work that J.B. and Dorothy began. In addition to more than 250 rare American and European automobiles, the collection also includes mechanical musical instruments, antique furniture and a 1937 Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson locomotive and a 1912 Pullman Private Car.

The Nethercutt Musuem--which houses No. 1040 and most of the automobile collection--is located at 15151 Bledsoe St., Sylmar, CA 91342, near the interchange of I-5 and I-210.  The remainder of The Nethercutt Collection is located across the street at 15200 Bledsoe St.  Admission is free, but the museum and collection are closed on major holidays.  Visit The Nethercutt Collection website for more information.


(Post credit: Kit Fox; photo credit: TACA website)

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