Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Photos of Tucker No. 1035

Tucker No. 1035
after a good washing
We've received another e-mail from Tiago Songa with recent photos of Tucker No. 1035 in Brazil.  These really show how extensively the car has been altered over the years.  The photos were accompanied by the following message:

Hello, Friends of TACA.

I'm sending new photos of the Tucker 1035. As you see, the car is clean and it isn't a junk yard anymore. The Tucker 1035 and other cars of the museum are now being cared [for] by the mayor of the city of Caçapava.... And the [responsible] people are now searching resources to do the [restoration]. The mechanical part and the body are no longer unique. The interior of the vehicle clearly shows parts of GM accessories that have been adapted in 60 years.

Looks like a late 40s Cadillac
dashboard has been installed
The photos were taken yesterday, February 14, 2011, and any information about Tucker's original items are welcome.

Hugs to all.

Tiago Songa
Diretor da Federação Brasileira
de Veículos Antigos

Thanks, Tiago, for sharing more photos with us.  We'll be excited to see what becomes of No. 1035 in the future!  There are more of Tiago's photos posted on the TACA Facebook page.
(Post credit: Kit Fox and Tiago Songa; photo credits: Tiago Songa)

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